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The Works of Blaze Faula

Graphics, Writings And Anything Else I Stick In Here

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Blaze Faula
4 April 1987
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I am an avid Draco/Hermione shippper!! Draco is hot! Okay, in all honesty, I am a Draco shipper. Draco paired with anybody lights my fire!

I am an Accredited Perfect Imagination Beta Reader!!!

My list of fic recs I moved to my Journal and can be found HERE!

My Resources:

Touchstone's Art

My Stories:
Normal (NC-17) Dan/OFC
The Boys' Dormitory (NC-17) Dan/OFC
Cry the Beloved Betrayed (NC-17) Draco/Hermione
Secret Lives and Dirty Deeds (NC-17) Draco/Hermione
Open House (PG-13) Draco/Ginny
With You in Winter: Part 1 (PG-13) James/Lily

( `~*~` )

I was sorted!
i'm in gryffindor!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

Marriage is Love

All of these awesome colorbars were made by carasicons!

The following colorbars were made by misc. people.

Corsets Are Curvaceous Love

Made by wrathofmyaxe

Fishnet Nylons are Kinky Love

Made by wrathofmyaxe

I love Orlando's hands!

Made by danibaby129


I claimed the Draco/Hermione pairing, the Gryffindor Girls' Dormitory, and Draco's Nimbus 2001 @ ___harrypotter claims community!
I claimed Dan Radcliffe and Rupert Grint's sex @ _sex_claims
I claimed Dan Radcliffe and Tom Felton's sex @ _sexxualclaims

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